Art has always tried to interpret the reality that surrounds us, stopping concepts and visions over time.

The beauty of a body, the nature that surrounds us, the emotion of a kiss or a scream of rage, art is an expression of the human soul, without constraints and without shame.

The idea of a brand that merges superficial beauty into the interiority of a reflection arises from this concept. B-IDOL is an artistic interpretation of reality that becomes clothing.

The main and distinctive feature of the brand is the symbol of the swallow, an element borrowed from the world of tattoos.

Both the B and the swallow of the logo are drawn by hand, in clear contrast to the word IDOL, which instead has a defined font.

This dichotomy is the soul of the brand. ” “In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, sailors were the first to resort to the symbolism of the swallow.The B-Idol journey starts from the creativity of Simon de Die, who after graduating from art school started a creative career as a graphic designer in some of the most recognized design and fashion brands.

Their travels to exotic countries put them in constant contact with different kinds of tattoo art.

The swallow represented for them the sighting of the coast and then the arrival in a new promised land, or perhaps the metaphor of their lives as a constant journey, satisfied by freedom and close contact with the natural elements such as sun, sea and wind.

Until 1997, when deeply affected by the death of a famous Italian fashion designer considered the paradigm of Italian excellence in the world, Simon De Die decided to completely change his life and get into show business, where he worked as a manager of many famous people known in the entertainment and fashion world.

From this new perspective of the fashion’s world and with the passage of years, his passion for creativity came back.

After following the various services of his artists and collaborate with renowned brands and world-renowned photographers, Simon De Die returns to his old passion and creates the brand B-IDOL.

The basis of all strategic and stylistic choices of the brand BIdol, is the love and artstion experience, which is a sign of excellence everywhere in the fashiion idustry which is typical of ” Made in Italy”.

All the garments are designed and made in Italy by the most accredited producerd. B- Idol models are never taken for boring by design or cut, and the comfort of each piece is absolute.

Models of B-IDOL, either slip or bathing suits, do not have a design or banal cut and the comfort of each costume is total.

B-IDOL is continuously looking for materials and accessories to give their collections a level of high quality, preserving in his creations a soul of creative and evocative elegance of the sense of freedom.

B-IDOL wants to share their creativity with all those men who know that what matters is not the destination but the journey.”